CloudSwitch – One Stop Shop for Acquiring Solution

Payment24 Cloud Switch is a One Stop Shop where we provide not only a multi-bank acquiring solution but also all related hardware & services, like POS Terminals, Bank Acquiring, Value Added Services, Terminal Management Systems & Field Services across multiple countries via our Global Service Center.

Enable Acceptance of all Payment Method Types

Payment24 designed “Cloud Switch”  which provides a fully integrated, hardware-less payment platform for all types of payments.

Step Into the Future of Payments

Cloud Switch is a hardware-less payment product which can run from any PC or POS Terminal connected to the site network, with integrations with most of the popular Forecourt Controllers, Point of Sales and Payment Terminals.

Cloud Switch is one of the first transaction switches designed to meet the needs of the 21st century payments industry.

CloudSwitch for Banks

Multi-Industry Acquiring Solution for Banks

Multi-Industry Acquiring

Cloud Switch allows banks to design acquiring products for multiple industries out of the box with our industry specific features

Powerful Standalone Solution

Cloud Switch makes traditional standalone banking terminals more powerful

Multi-Brand POS Terminals

Cloud Switch supports most major brands of POS Terminals in the market including both Linux & Android based POS Terminals

Single Terminal Management System

Payment24 Cloud Switch comes with our own TMS which can support multiple brands of POS Terminals monitoring & updates

cloud Fuel oil payment24 oil fleet

Integrated Point of Sales

Cloud Switch is integrated to most leading Point of Sales in the market to provide seamless customer experience

Value Added Services

Includes all Payment24 Platform modules like Loyalty & Rewards, Click n Collect, Vouchering, & Coupons

Global Service Center

GSC is a multi-lingual, 24×7 Service Center including on-site Field Service Support to manage & repair POS Terminals

Merchant Recon Portal

Merchant Recon portal provides merchants combined view of method of payments & transaction batch management

Why Choose Cloud Switch?

Cloud Switch offers an all-encompassing platform that expertly handles multiple payment requests. Businesses enjoy a seamless and efficient operation with no mishaps, outages, or timeouts. Its high compatibility with various POS terminals, forecourt controllers, and industry point of sales makes it a highly adaptable solution.

Furthermore, its support for diverse payment methods makes it a one-stop shop for merchants. Coupled with a real-time monitoring system and a cloud-managed backend management system, it offers businesses an efficient way to manage their operations.

Optional – Real-Time TMS Monitoring

Cloud Switch provides an optional real-time TMS monitoring feature for businesses looking for an in-depth analysis of their transactions. This gives businesses comprehensive insights into their transactions and helps them make data-driven decisions.

Application Flow

The solution offers tailored application flows for standalone and integrated fuel merchants. Both processes include building the transaction, swiping loyalty or fleet, sending the remaining amount to the banking app, processing the transaction, receiving the transaction result, building a single receipt, and recording all transactions. This streamlined flow ensures an efficient and seamless transaction process.

Available Payment24 Modules:

  • Fleet Pay by Tag
  • Fastlane
  • Loyalty
  • Voucher
  • Click n Collect Orders
  • Mobile Payment
  • Airtime
  • Gift Cards
  • Print Picking Slips
  • System

For Acquirers

The Payment24 Cloud Switch enables quick market penetration while facilitating loyalty redemption. It supports all current acquirers’ capabilities out-of-the-box while fully integrating with existing partners, POS, and FCCs. It also provides 24×7 support with an outsource or in-source model and can use PAX 920 units and deploy the Cloud Switch Container App. The solution offers a flexible and efficient way for acquirers to maximise their potential and expand their reach.

Benefits of Cloud Switch