Reduced Risks. Effective Payment Management. One White Label Platform

Payment24 is a white label platform that allows you, in the banking industry, to create a streamlined and automated way for commercial customers with fleets to manage fuel and the payment of fuel with banks and retailers.

Next Generation Fuel Payment Solutions for the Banking Industry

Our platform, services and industry specific expertise enable us to provide a broad range of solutions that allow our customers to operate their businesses more efficiently across a variety of channels.

We offer a powerful and flexible platform focusing on fuel payment & management, loyalty & rewards programmes as well as convenience offers purpose built for the petroleum industry

Payment24 offers a bespoke platform that allows you to choose what features you want to include, and how you want to manage it.

Our Bespoke platform includes:


Payment24 Platform
(Card Management, Issuing,
Acquiring )

Payment24 Services
(Bespoke Enterprise
Software Solutions)
Payment24 Infrastructure
(Global Services, Infrastructure
& Equipment)