Integrated Fuel Transactions and Driver Management in One Interactive Portal

Connect your vehicle and drivers to one interactive system and effectively manage your fuel transactions.

Our fuel management portal allows you to effectively manage fuelling transactions across all of your branches in your car hire or dealership company.

Car Hiring Refueling

Payment24 Platform supports multiple methods of payments and fund loading methods depending on the operating models allowed.

Account Funding Methods

Post Paid with Credit Terms

Customers can open an account with Credit Terms with Credit Providers or our partner banks on agreed terms and start refueling immediately.

Multiple Method of Payments

Tamper Evident Windshield Tags & Driver Pin

Use Payment24 Windshield Tag which is tamper evident to ensure correct vehicle is present at the time of transaction along with Driver Pin to secure refueling

Driver Cards & Secure Driver Pin

Alternatively you can also use cards for driver with driver pin if you have high churn of vehi- cles and windshield tags are not ideal

Prepaid – Bank Transfer via EFT

Customers can do a bank transfer or EFT into Prepaid Pool Account with the Card Number as reference to load funds.

Credit Card

Customers can load funds by using a Credit Card & Mobile Money via Web Portal or Mobile App at any time.

Digital Fuel Vouchers

For 3rd party vehicles or adhoc vehicles or in case of missing tags, you can issue digital vouchers to drivers at any given time which are delivered via SMS

Take Control Back into Your Hands

Set specific rules for refuelling, fuel management, and any kind of fuel payment.

Branch, Driver, and Voucher Filling Rules

Fuelling limits can be set for each branch, vehicle, and driver, depending on the budget given per month. Limits can also be set per adhoc voucher issued. We will work with you to create a customized set of program rules. 

Cut Out Unnecessary Admin. Cut Your Fuel Bill.

Real-time management is easy with our fuel management platform. Reduce your risks, cut your losses, and have complete insight into your fuel management.