Choose a Flexible and Totally Manageable Solution to Manage the Fuelling of Your Vehicles

Take it back to basics. Fuel vouchers allow you to have full control of the fuel management and payment of your vehicles. Give your customers fuel vouchers and take the hassle out of fuel top-ups and payments.

How can Payment24 work for vehicle dealerships?

The Payment24 Auto Dealership system is a low cost version of the Payment24 fleet management systems which is specifically designed around Auto Dealerships. Traditionally, Auto Dealerships have agreements with local gas stations to provide fuel for their demo, pre-owned, and new vehicles.  This is generally a manual, paper-based, process that is time consuming, error prone, and opens up the potential for fraudulent transactions. Payment24 reduces this risk by identifying the vehicle and driver at the selected gas station using multiple means of identification. For example the employee mobile number, or contactless cards, and apps.


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Fuel Vouchers To Streamline Fuel Management and Payments for your Dealership or Car Leasing Company

Fuel vouchers are a simple, easy way for your customers to top up their vehicles.

Payment24 Auto Dealership Controls

Top Features at a glance

Electronic Fuel Vouchers:

Drivers cards are usually used by Dealerships for their sales or other permanent staff, where monthly, weekly, and daily limits are required. These limits are sometimes linked to the sales achieved by the sales staff. Payment24 Auto Dealership has a web based portal which allows the Dealer Principle and each department manager to maintain their own set of drivers, and issue electronic fuel vouchers via SMS. All transactions reflect in the portal in real-time, and reports can be extracted in any of the commonly supported methods. Each Manager can manage all aspects of their fuel expense via the portal, including issuing driver cards, and managing driver limits.

Telematics Fuel oil payment24 oil fleet
Telematics Fuel oil payment24 oil fleet