Making Big Data Work for You for Heightened Control

Payment24 offers next generation fleet telematics to streamline vehicle management. 

The portal provides a menu of customizable, interactive technology solutions for car rental companies, as well as auto dealerships to have that ultimate control.

Why Should You Use Telematics?

With this, they will be able to reduce fuel consumption and have total insight into the vehicle. Slowly, but surely, fleet owners have seen the benefits of moving away from merely tracking their vehicles, to implementing a comprehensive solution. 

Benefits of Telematics

Big data from telematics enables you to have effective management over all of your fleet, driver, and fuel management. With telematics, you will be able to accurately forecast your fuel spend and needs for each journey. 

Vehicle Tracking & Sensors

We are able to offer your fleet controllers a single platform for all their fuel and fleet management needs. We provide a wide variety of sensors and trackers to collect vital information about your fleet and driver behavior.