Accurate data. Real-time monitoring. Make your home base fuelling last that much longer.

Accurately monitor fuel levels at your home base fuelling station using sensors and cloud-based technology. Know exactly how much you are using with next-generation technology and be able to accurately forecast your fleet’s journeys.

Payment24 can also provide a PTS Controller which supports more than 60 types of fuel dispensers and pumps from various manufacturers.

Homebase Refuelling and Bulk Fuel Orders

Our next generation platform allows you to capture fuel deliveries which are received into the tanks at your homebase and manage it from there. This allows you effectively track end to end fuel dispensing and fuel receipts.

This data is used for automatic stock replenishment alerts to the merchant and head office if enabled.

Homebase & Independent Service Station Owners

Each home base can be equipped with a forecourt controller which will pre-authorize all transactions against the set parameters prior to enabling the pump to dispense fuel. All the transactional data will be automatically recorded for reporting in real-time through the web portal.

Alternatively, a terminal can be provided for vehicle recognition and the manual capture of pertinent data. The terminal used at the home bases, for reading the contactless NFC tags and inputting data, will be the same as those used on retail forecourts, although a more rugged device may be employed if the operating environment dictates.

The fuelling process will work exactly the same as on the retail forecourt making for a seamless and consistent driver refuelling experience.


Homebase Solution Options

Option 1
Standalone Solution

Perfect for homebases with no forecourt controllers & low volumes

Option 2
POS Integrated Solution

Includes everything from Option 1 but POS is connected to Pump for automation

Option 3
Fastlane Integrated

Includes everything from Option 2 but requires no POS for refuelling

Infrastructure Requirements

In order for you to effectively manage your homebase, you will need the following:

Payment24 can facilitate the acquisition of the aforementioned equipment.