Streamlined. Effective. Easy. Create Loyal B2B and B2C Customers. 

Payment24 can help you create a branded portal to allow your customers to be rewarded for their loyalty to your brand. You are able to allocate prizes, points, vouchers, coupons and promotions for your loyal customers. 

Choose From One or Multiple Customer Onboarding Channels

Our white-label platform allows you to choose the platform you want, and the features and elements you need for your business.

You are able to onboard customers through various different methods.

POS Terminal
Customers can register with their cell numbers on the POS Terminal at the store and a physical card is instantly activated.

Mobile App
Customers can download the Mobile App and get a digital card instantly & use at any store, anytime.

Signup Form at Retailer
Customers can collect forms at stores & complete them with their profiles to complete registration once the form is uploaded by the merchant on the web portal.

Online Portal
Customers can register their profiles on the web portal with their card number which they collected at the store or get a digital card instantly.

Customers can also register their profile using Whatsapp with their cards or request a digital card even.

Customers are able to register via the USSD channel with their physical card or request a digital card.