Seamless. Effective. Accurate. Depot Fuel Management has never been easier.

If your car rental company or auto dealership has an onsite fuel depot, your focus will be on having full control over every aspect of it. Payment24 offers a tailor-made solution for you to have a birds eye view of your onsite fuel management. From wet stock management, to integrated software, we are your one-stop solution for effective depot fuel management.

Streamline Refuelling and Bulk Fuel Orders

Our solutions include a one-stop, fully integrated system for you to manage every aspect of your fuel depot.

Benefits of the system include:

Infrastructure Requirements for Depot Fuel Management

You will need the following infrastructure for your depot fuel management:

Choose from Three Depot Solution Options

Based on your needs and unique company, you can choose from the following options.

Option 1- Standalone Solution

Option 2- POS Integrated Solution

Option 3- Fastlane Integrated