A White Label Platform to Place All of your Loyalty Management Systems in One Accessible Space 

With our all-inclusive platform, your customer is able to earn and burn points from one platform. With multiple methods of payment, various card funding methods, and access to a next-generation mobile app, fuel payment loyalty has never been easier. 

Allow Your Customers to Earn Fuel Loyalty Points 

Earning points is easy with our platform. Whether they use the mobile app or the online portal, profiles can be seamlessly created, accessed, and utilized. 

There are various ways to allocate points. Choose from set points per transaction, points per visit, percentage of the transaction amount, points for activity, etc. It’s all up to you!

Flexible Campaign Management

Multiple campaigns can be created using the Payment24 web portal and each campaign can target specific audiences and can allocate points differently.

Earning Rules

Campaigns can be configured to work on a points system, prize add, or currency. Earning can be tweaked to coincide with busy or slow periods and limited to certain parameters such as fuel or convenience items only.


Use cards, mobile apps, cell numbers, and USSD. Use on its own or together.


All changes are immediate and will be available to app users instantly.

Allow Your Customers to Burn Fuel Loyalty Points 

Redeeming has never been easier. 

Earned points can be redeemed for prizes, converted to cash-equivalent electronic vouchers, or provided as instant gratification services such as airtime, etc.

Campaign Monitoring

There are numerous reports and dashboards available for all user types. These can be tweaked to your exact needs or new reports can be designed and assigned to you.


Members can own and use more than 1 form factor at a time, e.g. a loyalty card and a loyalty mobile app.