In-Tank Monitoring, Tracking, and Control

With our sensors and technology, you are able to monitor everything about the fuel in each tank. You are provided with the onboard computer, real-time data of syphoning, fuel top up, and everything about the trip history, to accurately track your fuel usage.

Fuel in Tank Telematics

We offer a full toolkit of services including:

Fuel-In-Tank Monitoring for Diesel Vehicles

Have ultimate control over the fuel management in your fleet with our fuel-in-tank monitoring platforms, specifically designed for diesel vehicles.

Fuel-In-Tank Monitoring for Petrol Vehicles 

In-tank fuel monitoring for your petrol vehicle has never been this easy with our all in one platform for your fleet management. No matter the size of the fleet you have, we can ensure that you have total control over what is happening on the journey and in your vehicle’s tanks.

You can expect: