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Payment24 underpins revolutionary new BP Fleet Move offer

BP and Masana PetroleumSolutions are set to revolutionise commercial fuel payment and management for their customers, with the launch of a new solution BP FleetMove built on the advanced Payment24 platform.

Payment24, advanced international fuel payment system, is the backbone of two new flagship fuel payment and fuel management offerings for BP and Masana commercial customers. “BP’s new FleetMove Plus and FleetMove Premium, was launched on 21 February, are built on our platform and will replace traditional oil company payment systems securely, cost effectively and intelligently,”
say Payment 24’s joint CEOs, Shadab Rahil and Nolan Daniel.

“This will be the most unique offering by a petroleum company in the South African market,” says Shadab Rahil.

“Most solutions use a nozzle in tank solution, which requires the installation of costly equipment on the forecourt and limits customers to particular pump and service stations; while others still rely on the insecure magstripe card for payment. With the new platform, BP and Masana can offer commercial customers automatic vehicle and driver identification to authorise payments, which eliminates the need for equipment installation and allows customers to fill up at any pump at any BP service station across the country.”

BP FleetMove Plus customers will enjoy flexibility, enhanced security and convenience, with the peace of mind that fuel payments are correctly authorised and accounted for while verifying correct driver & vehicle being physically present at the time of transaction.

With BP FleetMove Premium, Payment24 will also install sensors in the fuel tanks of large commercial customer vehicles, allowing fleet owners to track payments and fuel levels in real time, as well as monitoring vehicle movement via the BP FleetMove portal. For commercial fleet customers, who may spend up to 33% of their total revenue on fuel bills and constantly face losses due to theft and fraud, more secure and efficient control over payments is a compelling proposition.

In addition to delivering advanced payment and fuel management to customers, the Payment24 system is also competitively priced, allowing BP and Masana to compete more effectively in the market.

“We expect the new system to support new volumes from untapped markets for BP and Masana, with potential gains of millions of litres of fuel in the next couple of years,” says Shadab Rahil.

“We are very excited about the partnership with a multinational flagship oil company of the calibre of BP and Masana, who elected to adopt Payment24 platform at a time when we were still relatively new in the market,” he says. “This partnership shows how forward-thinking BP and Masana are, and we are confident the Payment24 platform will put them years ahead of their competitors.”

Payment24, built from the ground up in South Africa, is fast gaining traction in the market and is in use by major fleet owners and organisations across Africa and abroad. Payment24’s advanced fleet fuel management, mobile fuel payment, integrated fuel monitoring and fleet telematics solutions are in use across the continent – from the UN headquarters in Kenya through to a presence in Ghana and fuel stations across Namibia. Harnessing cloud-based and mobile management tools, with advanced fleet card, cardless or mobile payment technologies, Payment24 solutions support intelligent and cost-effective fleet fuel management and payments. The Payment24 platform is constantly being upgraded and enhanced, with work underway on new telematics, vehicle tracking
and driver behaviour features, as well as expansion in the pipeline to new markets in Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia later this year. 

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