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Payment24’s new Car Rental Module puts Motus ahead on innovation

Payment24S New Car Rental Module Puts Motus Ahead On Innovation

Motus, Southern Africa’s leading automotive business, has partnered with Payment24 for Payment24’s new Payment24 Car Rental Module to automate fuel payments across its Europcar and Tempest business units.

Payment24, an international fuel payments specialist based in Cape Town, added the new car rental module to its fleet fuel payment and management platform last year. Motus, seeking to automate time-consuming fuel payment processes across around 60 branches nationwide, has become the first to roll the new module out.

Jean van der Bank, General Manager of Operations for Gauteng, North West, Limpopo, and Mpumalanga at Motus, says a key challenge the company faced was reconciling the accounts of 60 branches with their local fuel stations. “We had to reconcile each account separately, with each branch manager spending two to three hours a week on the task. With the Payment24 fuel payment module for rental fleets, we now have one integrated account to manage, and branch managers can focus more time on operations and customer service.”

Payment24 CEOs Shadab Rahil and Nolan Daniel report that the car rental module is the latest of around 20 modules Payment24 has brought to market to meet the needs of specific sectors such as auto dealerships and fuel stations. Among the company’s innovations are mobile fuelling, fleet telematics, and loyalty and rewards solutions.

The Payment24 Car Rental System improves efficiencies and reduces the risk of fraud by allowing fleet owners to manage branches, vehicles, and drivers. It enables them to identify the vehicle and driver at a selected service station or Payment24 partners such as BP; as well as authorize fuel payments and integrate and manage fuel accounts.

The Payment24 platform can also support bundled fuel and car rental packages and vouchers for rental customers, and cross-border fuel payments, and can be extended to enable fleet management features such as vehicle commissioning and decommissioning.

Rahil says: “As part of the Motus project, we are rolling out to around 60 branches and head offices nationwide, and installing windshield tags on around 15,000+ Motus rental vehicles.”

Daniel says: “Previously, Motus branches ran individual accounts with their local fuel stations, which was a nightmare to recon and monitor for fraud. With our car rental module, they can centrally manage all these accounts with a single settlement partner, and they can fill up at any Payment24 service station, where they can enjoy savings and rebates.”

Because of the improved controls and security, customers using Payment24’s platform typically benefit from significant cost reductions. Rahil notes that a similar solution for auto dealers is helping customers achieve a 8 – 15% monthly reduction in fuel costs, before taking into account savings on resources and admin time.

The new solution positions Motus to extend more digital services to its end customers in the future, enhancing customer convenience and overall experience.

Says van der Bank: “In the short term, Payment24 definitely exceeded my expectations. Our end goal was to automate the fuel payment process for efficiency, and it has delivered. It will also allow us to better control costs, enhance customer service, and roll out more innovations in the future.” 

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