Cloud Switch – One Stop Shop for Acquiring Solution

Payment24 Cloud Switch is a One Stop Shop where Payment24 not just provides a multi-bank acquiring solution but also all related hardware & services like POS Terminals, Bank Acquiring, Value Added Services, Terminal Management Systems & Field Services across multiple countries via our Global Service Center.

Enable Acceptance of all Payment Method Types at Your Outlet

Payment24 specifically designed “Cloud Switch” for the petroleum industry and provides a fully integrated hardware-less payment platform for all types of payments for fuel retailers.

You choose your payment methods, and we can make it happen.

Step Into the Future of Payments for Retail and Convenience

Cloud Switch is a hardware-less payment product which can run from any PC or POS Terminal connected to the site network, with integrations with most of the popular Forecourt Controllers, Fuel Point of Sales and Payment Terminals.

Cloud Switch is one of the first transaction switches designed to meet the needs of the 21st century payments industry purely focused on fuel retailers’ needs.

Cloud Switch for Retailers & Convenience

One-stop Shop for Acquiring Solution for Retailers & Convenience

Multi-Bank Acquiring

CloudSwitch is designed to support multiple banks allowing Fuel Retailers to choose the banking partner of their choice

Standalone Solution

CloudSwitch has been integrated to most of global Forecourt Controllers which are used by Gas Stations

POS Terminals

CloudSwitch supports most major brands of POS Terminals in the market including both Linux & Android based POS Terminals

Terminal Management System

Payment24 CloudSwitch comes with our own TMS which can support multiple brands of POS Terminals monitoring & updates
retail Fuel oil payment24 oil fleet

Integrated Point of Sales

CloudSwitch is integrated to most leading Point of Sales in the market to provide seamless customer experience

Value Added Services

Includes all Payment24 Platform modules like Loyalty & Rewards, ClicknCollect, Vouchering, Coupons

Global Service Center

GSC is a multi-lingual 24×7 Service Center including on-site Field Service Support to manage & repair POS Terminals

Merchant Recon Portal

Merchant Recon portal provides merchants combined view of method of payments & transaction batch management

Cloud Switch Difference

The Payment24 Cloud Switch offering provides an exceptional, integrated payment platform that caters to the evolving needs of fuel retailers and acquiring banks. It crafts a comprehensive, frictionless transaction environment by blending the power of cloud technology, versatile payment methods, robust POS compatibility, and a range of value-added services. Its unique selling points lie in the lack of extra hardware requirements, multiple bank acquiring capabilities, real-time TMS monitoring, and its strong support infrastructure.

Why should you make the switch? Payment24’s Cloud Switch facilitates seamless, efficient operations while providing an all-encompassing solution for today’s dynamic payment landscape. It is not just a platform; it’s a transformation tool that can help businesses stay competitive, increase profitability, and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Harness the power of Cloud Switch and leap into the future of payments with Payment24.

Benefits for Acquiring Banks:

  1. Enhances POS Machines: The product elevates the traditional credit card POS machines to offer additional products and monetise the hardware more effectively. The result is a better return on investment and improved customer satisfaction.
  2. Comprehensive Application Engine: The platform’s comprehensive system comprises a Terminal Application Engine, CNC, Loyalty & VAS, TMS & Merchant Portal, and Einstein Tx. Engine, Edison Client Agent, and Thomas Server Agent. This integration forms a powerful engine that efficiently processes transactions and provides a versatile platform for merchants.
  3. Variety of Payment Methods: It extends support to various payment methods, including physical contactless or magstripe cards and marketplace mobile payment operators, enhancing the shopping experience for customers.


Integrated Offers:

  • Click n Collect: Cloud Switch incorporates the industry-standard Click n Collect, enabling merchants to remain competitive and meet consumers’ evolving expectations.
  • Integrated Loyalty Offering: The platform facilitates an integrated loyalty program, empowering independent merchants to run their own schemes and provide their customers with attractive rewards.
  • CloudPOS: For tier 1 merchants currently utilising a cash register or a non-integrated solution with payment devices, Payment24’s CloudPOS is a lightweight Point of Sale solution. It integrates smoothly with the payment device, enhancing its functionality and usability.

Benefits of Cloud Switch